Our History

In the month of May 2008 is the company DRAG-NORTE, SL, dedicated to the activity of maritime works, owned by two companies of national reputation in the industry, on the one hand SALVADOR HIGUERA CORTA, SL, and the other DRAYRESUB, SL, owned by that of Salvador Higuera Corta, and this of Anselmo Pedreguera Barategui, both with extensive professional experience.

In that same year of 2008, the company responsible for the construction of a suction dredge FREINAVAL shipyards, SL, work that go on for two years, until July 2010 is launched the dredge "GIGANTE".

The entity DRAG-NORTE, SL, and especially its dredge out the prospect of occupying a gap in the Spanish fleet of dredgers. Traditionally when the demand from construction companies or the government itself were the need to undertake large-scale dredging had to resort to hiring foreign companies because the market did not exist this type of dredgers.

The suction dredge "GIGANTE: It has a capacity of 1,300 m3 hopper, doubling which was far higher in the national scene, the dredge" Josefa Pérez ", with capacity of 660 m3 and owned by DRAG-SUR. SL

In short, struggling to move forward and realize our dreams and concerns, they begin to navigate this new company and this new ship for all the shores of our coastline, with the hope that the winds are favorable in this new venture.